First day

Published: 05 December 2010

THE FIRST DAY. It's almost 2 am. I still don't want to sleep. If you asked me, if am I excited, I would say YES. But this first day in YRAP gives me a lot of questions. I want to find answers to them during these 4 days in Brussels.

First of all, I want to understand why EU spends so much money - over 30 billiard Euros each year? Is this only humanity reasons? Although, I am pretty sure that these development programs have not only one reason as to be friendly union to others.

Second, I would like to know do ordinary people from the poor countries understand and evaluate what EU gives for them. Do they know what exactly EU gives them and what for example USA does? I think people even do not know about the supporting programs. But it is only my guess. But if so, what have to be done that people would understand better what is really happening in their countries.

Third, I would like to know what EU members think about this Development Program? And what do EU citizens think about development. Do they understand the reasons why EU has to help other countries? Do they know any facts about Development Program? Are EU citizens public-spirited or not?

And at the end, I would like to say that I feel that there are more sceptics, more uninterested people than anxious citizens to these kind of problems. But on the other hand, to be realistically, 9 of 10 europeans say that EU development program is necessary but do they understand WHY?