The second day

Published: 05 December 2010

I gonna do the same as I did yesterday. It's like my summary of the day.

The second day in Brussels. It was great that we could choose what ever we want to do. I wanted to explore Brussels, because it's my first time here. And I saw something although usually we are going quite fast and it's hard to stop and just take a look (I am afraid to get lost. We did it yesterday). I've wrote in previous post that we visited Africa museum. I am happy I could see not only the Africa exhibition, but the royal palace and huge park, where I'd like to come back some day to take a walk.

But the most important part of my day was the press conference with Catherine Ray, spokesperson of Andris Piebalgs. I think it was like a preparation for tomorrow. It was strange for me that I was asked not to record the press conference, when the meeting with Ms Ray was called press conference. Usually journalists are free to record everything. But I am happy because we had an opportunity to record an interview afterwards.

I really liked one issue that Catherine Ray mentioned. I was always thinking what's the point for EC to give money to the projects for young people, journalists and so on. As I'd thought before, Catherine Ray proved - it is kind of Public relations. It's an interesting issue I think. And I guess all PR professionals would say that's the right decision to invest money to the media because the media is the biggest connection, bridge between local communities, ordinary people and official institutions.

For example, in my country the media don't talk a lot about EU. So, ordinary people don't know much about EU institutions, activities and so on. I started to learn in university about EU and its integration and I've understood that I didn’t know many things about EU. I know people who ask journalists what European Commission is. So I think if more media would talk about it, more people would know.