Third day and the importance of media

Published: 06 December 2010

I was quite skeptical about the EDD. But after my first day in EDDs, I’ve founded it in a different point of view. I still have some questions anyway.  But I think I’ve understood why the EDD is necessary. I liked the most that officials have talked about and confessed development problems. It’s really important because in this way I trust more officials and I understand why they need a floor to discuss all these issues. It’s not only for praises of the goals of the Development Program.

But I think the biggest problem is not about the Development Program, not about its modernization but about that people just don’t care about the importance of helping others. I am quite sure that 9 of 10 Lithuanians wouldn’t know what the EDD are and where they take floor this year. I think this is a common situation in almost all EU states. People don’t care, because the media don’t care.  I still believe that people read what the media write not contrary.

That’s why I think that Catherine Ray was absolutely right saying that EC have to allocating some money on the relations with media. I think EC has made the right decision. Because it is the only way I guess to organize some projects for journalists and then try to attract them by development activities. For example, 500 journalists were invited to these EDD.

And when I entered to the press room this afternoon, I saw many journalists typing something. I’ve thought that media really cares about that. But then I’ve noticed that in the press room sit 33 young reporters from YRAP and in the same room another group of journalists from another project work as well. So the majority of journalists there have been journalists from the projects supported by EU institutions. Maybe it is the only way to attract journalists and in this way to attract people to the Development Program. After all, there is no need to invite the media to report about elections or talk about the government decisions. Journalists come unbidden, if they really care.