YRAP in Aid Effectiveness-land

Published: 06 December 2010

I didn't quite move from the Silver Hall today, except for the last session which took place in Copper Hall and which delt with private sector development. An overall idea of the whole day is that you cannot talk about aid effectiveness without mentioning the development aid. 

Basically, the development aid is all about better governance (which cannot function without professional "on board"), ownership (Africa wants to rule itself, not be led by other countries anymore), private sector development (there needs to be one before trying to improve it) and donors+ emerging donors aka countries who used to receive aid and are now trying to give back to their neighbors and not only.

Some of the panelists raised more questions than answers, for instance:

Why are donors still reluctant?Do they want to reach perfection? (Never going to happen)

We have to prioritize what's important for us (the EU). Meaning?

We shouldn't blame the corruption in Africa. Then where to point the finger?

How can we change the mindsets of the donor?

Unfortunately, I am still waiting for the answers to these questions. I have splitted all the questions to important people who should know the answers, so I will  let you know as soon as they shed some light.