Africa, day 3. Capacities (I)

Published: 27 July 2011

I didn’t really understand why we were going to visit so many projects about people with disabilities in Tanzania. I didn’t understand because my mind was still in Europe. And from Europe, having to use a wheelchair or to born deaf are problems that have been integrated into our society. Over time, people who suffer these disabilities have found facilities to develop a normal life.

But this is Africa, and fortunately or unfortunately, things are not like in Europe. People with disabilities tend to be marginalised and kept apart from a society that in many cases still doesn’t understand the importance of their inclusion. Any small progress made in this area is more than welcomed by people who live with disabilities.

A good example of this integration is the work that CEFA, an Italian non-governmental organisation does in Dar es Salaam. Their project ‘Less is more’, funded by the European Union, allows young people with disabilities to do 3 months of training in a specific sector (to become a baker, a cooker or a waitress, for example),  followed by a 3 month internship in a participating company. According to CEFA, 40% of these young people succeeded in getting a job after this period of time.

And this is a great success in Africa.



Bakery trainees at Slipway Hotel (Dar es Salaam)