Africa, day 3. Capacities (II)

Published: 27 July 2011

It wouldn’t be fair not talk about CCBRT (Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania) that we visited during our third day in Dar es Salaam. I didn’t read much about CCBRT before the trip, so during my flight to Tanzania, I decided to take a look at some papers about the project I had printed at home.

Life is full of coincidences: sitting next to me was an American doctor from Boston who saw my papers. He couldn’t avoid telling me that CCBRT was a well known hospital, one of the best for the treatment of disabilities. I don’t like hospitals, and I thought this one wouldn’t like me so much but I felt curious to know how one of the best hospitals in Tanzania would be.

The day we went to the hospital we were welcomed by Fredrick Msigallah, with his inseparable wheelchair, and his friendly smile. He works at CCBRT as an advocacy officer. Usually, a hospital is a dark and sad place for us, and so we expected our visit to be like that. But Fredrick’s optimism was contagious and we started to see things in another way. The chance to have a centre like CCBRT is unique: rich people pay extra for their services, so that the poorest in society pay less for theirs – meaning that everyone can go to the hospital when it is needed.

But even with the CEFA projects and the CCBRT facilities, the Tanzanian society lives far from its people living with disabilities. This link ( is to a joint campaign from CEFA, CCBRT and Radar Development, supported by the European Union, in order to increase the employment rate in this sector of the population.  After sharing all these people’s optimism during the day, we couldn’t avoid to be moved watching this video with them.


CCBRT hospital (Dar es Salaam)