Comments on Aid effectiveness: Objective Korea 2011

Published: 06 December 2010

My goal is to comment the meetings that I've attended and not to summarize them. That's because I'm posting a lot of tweets with quotes and facts. I'm really interested in effectiveness of development aid, so my first meeting was Aid Effectiveness – Objective Korea 11. I must confess, that I was quiet satisfied with the speakers and the topics they were talking about, but there are two things that are still bugging me.

The meeting took place soon after the opening ceremony, right at the opening of EDD, but they already talked about what it's going to happen in Busan, Korea, next year. And the other thing: they've opened more questions than they've given answers. For example: How to measure effectiveness? How to define results? How to define the wright methods of delivering aid? Etc.

Maybe they will bring answers in Busan next year.

Let's hope so.