Anger from Latvian citizens!

Published: 07 December 2010

This is one of the strongest men I met in my life. Even though we belong to the same country, and we are not providing a lot of aid to the countries, he still defends his country's interests and doesn't back up. I thought he argument was not sufficiently convincing but that is how politicians are and they do not let themselves down just because an amateur comes and asks him a serious question “Do you think that € 500 which Latvia will pay to EuropAid isn’t a joke for those countries. My stay in Brussels costs more than € 500. What do you think?” This question hit him hard. He didn’t expect that. His speech might convince you, but knowing how corrupt the politics in our country is, this was definitely a lame answer to my question even though I believe that he can persuade masses with his argument, but for people in his country. It is not enough. The Great Man, who comes from my country, knows that his country can’t pay much for the development for his own country and still pushes those countries to pay, because he argues that this would benefit Latvia in the future. Latest statistics show that Latvia spend € 12,000 on training Afghan policemen. This money came from the extreme disasters fund, which Latvia has for emergency situations like floods and massive fires across the country. This was done to show that Latvia contributes to developing countries. Also Latvia spent €1000 on training Justice Court Judges in Moldova. Latvia is not able to provide more than that. It needs to use other funds to keep their promises to EU. Latvia actually can’t afford to pay any amount as it requires the money for their own people.

 The only export good Latvia has left, is wood, which Latvia has for 50% of its territory and is also cheap. Latvia’s GDP has fallen rapidly, the salaries decrease and people end in poverty. At the moment the unemployment rate is at 18% and inflation in the past two years has fluctuated during some quarters rising up to 20%. People lose their jobs and face poverty. 1 in 4 people in Latvia face poverty. More than 200,000 people have migrated to West Europe to look for jobs, because multinational corporations have taken over the country, because it joined EU many years ago, even though 49% were against to join EU and there was a lot of discussion that the results were faked. It is assumed that Latvia would be as rich as West Europe as Russia would be able to transport goods through Latvia using its access to Baltic sea, whereby  Latvia would be able to charge Russian traders for using its land whereby now it is too expensive for many countries to cross the EU border as they are required to pay tax on top of the price of their goods. During EDD I have interviewed Toms Freibergs, a citizen of Latvian. He argues “We are poor ourselves. The Europe gives us nothing. It pays our government to shut our sugar plantations (€ 2 million), which money is then spread across the politicians as bonuses and doesn’t go down the strata to other people! We are poor and have no money for other countries as we will soon face poverty ourselves!”

What does this mean? Latvia has the worst economical situation in Europe. Europe provides funds to Latvia to help them, but then those funds will go towards helping developing countries. Why not sort ourselves and then help others? This is the question which Andris Piebalgs is not able to answer.