Poverty vs. Europe or Europe vs. Poverty?

Published: 17 November 2010

There was a time when man was the main topic of conversation for development among the nations of the European Union. In 2010, the main conversation in discussion halls of the EU revolves around the problems of poverty in relation to humanity. Poverty is surrounding Europe in a way that cannot be ignored. Looking into the eyes of people suffering from poverty, one questions how these people can live under such circumstances and still have the strength to smile in a way that seems to convey: “We are going to survive even though some days it feels like we have already died.” It is Europe’s development policy that brings smiles to the faces of these people because Europe does not just provide money but also the will to stay alive and fight poverty. Providing children free and easy access to education is one of the main ways the EU gives hope to children, that they might grow up to have productive futures. But still poverty kills people every single moment of every day. There are ways to keep as many poor people alive as possible – through empowering them to fight poverty. Like Pythagoras said: “Man is mortal because of his fears and he becomes immortal through his desires.”