Back to Africa

Published: 05 December 2010

The Royal Museum of Central Africa, one of the most visited museum in Belgium, was definitely worth it today. I not only felt like I was back in Africa, but I also saw things I didn't see back there (in South Africa).

To be sincere, I wasn't very fond of the animals section, but that is probably because I love animals and I don't like to see them stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Apart from that, I was fascinated everything I saw, starting from cocoa beans (yes, chocoholics, there were even african chocolate bars exposed) to baby crocodiles (dead, of course!).

I honestly didn't know that the worshiped (or something like that) pregnant women. I saw at least 3 statues of pregnant women and they seemed to have the same importance as the masks which probably were in some african rituals once upon a time, or, who knows, maybe even now in some african tribes. Anyway, I would have liked to be able to read the info about all these stuff, but I am not a french fan (sadly).

Moreover, what made me think I'm back in Africa was the food. The plates were made out of wood, the place looks wonderful and the food was divine. Those guys really know what to do! I really enjoyed the African museum and you shouldn't miss it when you're in Brussels.