Change the world = change your behavior (English)

Published: 12 January 2011

Broadcast Language: English

Development education becomes more relevant in the globalisation context.  More and more NGOs have been established throughout Europe with the purpose to teach people to understand the necessity for the European Union to help countries in need. Although the data shows that Europeans support the Development Programme, the European Development Days raised the question whether European citizens really do care about the rest of the world.

But the answer was not given. According to Mr. Hartmeyer, Chairman of the Global Education Network Europe, people say they support the Development Programme because they believe in solidarity. But the number of supporters drops when people are asked to donate some money.

Chiara Trepepi, an NGO representative, says that society is not active in development because it does not understand how to be active. According to Mr. Hartmeyer, people unite with the rest of the world when assistance becomes obvious.

But in order to make people understand that the world needs constant assistance, development education should be modernised. People should learn: in order to help others it is not necessary to do impossible things; it is enough to change your behaviour.