Democracy and human rights

Published: 06 December 2010

The organisers ran out of head sets and people were standing at the door, trying to get in the Copper hall, like salmons against torrent. I was one of them and I must admit, it was worth it.

The session was interactive and the audience was asked to answer questions related to the discussion through voting devices and the moderator Tumi Makgabo has done a great job connecting with the speakers an the audience.

The topic was human rights (HR) and democracy and if it is possible to have economic growth and stability without them. The conclusion was, that neglecting HR and the democratic process, sooner or later leads to conflicts and instability. Therefore, as Filippo Grandi (Commissioner-General, United Nations) said, development aid is even more crucial in post-conflict countries, to prevent conflicts, HR violations and dictatorship.

The last speaker was the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai. From my point of view, he said some very interesting things about democracy and HR in Africa. You can listen to him in the audio.