Demonstrators protest against Rwandan president accused of genocide

Published: 05 December 2010

In Brussels, approximately 400 Rwandese and Congolese demonstrators came together Saturday afternoon to protest against the visit of Rwandese president Paul Kagame. Kagame is visiting Belgium for the European Development Days (EDD’s) organized  the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency, that will take place on 6 and 7 December.

The demonstrators say it’s not just that a man who is believed to infringe the international humanitarian law, is welcomed to Europe and to the EDD’s. ‘The last 20 years almost 6 to 8 million citizens were killed in the region of the Big Lakes, the majority being children and women. ‘ says Placide Kayumba of the non-profit association Jambo, that organized the demonstration.

‘Different rapports, both from the United Nations and human rights organizations, showed that the troops of president Kagame are responsible for these killings. The rapports were last updated on the 1stOctober by the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations and they speak of one absolute genocide.’
That’s why the demonstrators are against the fact Kagame will be welcomed by the European Union. They demand the EU prosecute Kagame for his misdeeds against humanity.

President Kagame criticized the demonstrators and implied they are related to the genocide criminals of 1994, but Placide Kayumba disapproves firmly. ‘The members of our non-profit association were probably just teenagers back then and fled from the violence. The only thing we want, is to rebuilt our country socially, economically and politically.’