Do we have to kiss the Millenium Development Goals goodbye?

Published: 04 December 2010

The first time I heard that the Millenium Development Goals don't stand a chance to be achieved, I was talking to some African Monitor officials in Cape Town, South Africa. They clearly stated that the MDGs are a great idea, but for 10 years things haven't moved so much, so it would be naive of us to think that in 5 years we will accomplish what we weren't able to do until now. 

A week ago I was taking an interview of an UNRIC (United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe) and he said that European countries made promises, but not all of them were kept. Progress can definitely be made, but achievement is a big word. I tend to agree with him, as more and more people are dissapointed by the way things move as far as the MDGs are concerned. And if I haven't seen this with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed that ambitious projects take so much (too much) time to fulfill their purpose.

Third time is the charm, so today one of our speakers clearly stated that the European Commission % Co. avoid accepting the fact that they couldn't achieve the MDGs. So, bring the chivalry because the MDGs aren't going to be better by themselves.

Makes you wonder, right?