Do you care about the EU?

Published: 05 December 2010

Do people actually care about the EU and the EDD’s? Like any reporter would do, I started my own investigation... on Facebook. I asked my Belgian friends what they thought of the EU and if they’ve ever heard of the European Development Days. A few said they think the EU is a good thing for economics and society, but rather useless on a cultural and  a defence level.

The majority reacted like this:

 My status says: 'Question for a next post for YRAP. Is the EU important to you or don't you care? Have you heard about the EDD's and if you didn't, would you like to hear something about in the media?'

Awtch. This is harsh. I guess there is a huge communication problem between the EU and the common man on the street. They don’t know how the EU affect their lives or affect the lives of people in the development countries.

They haven’t heard about the EDD’s either. One said she like to read about it, but most of my friends aren’t interested at all. They don't know what's it about but they say it sounds like the Climate Change Flop in Denmark. As they say in Dutch: ‘A lot of bla bla, not a lot of boem boem.’

This could mean two things. The European Commission should have used their 2 million they spend on the EDD’s for more communication to the public or I need new friends.