Feeling guilty

Published: 05 December 2010

After talking to some people, I sense that all the YRAP’ers have the same feeling. After we’ve conquered the snow and got into our rooms, excitement filled our hearts. This place is amazing! Double bed, a shower, a bath, a little fridge,... I guess everybody jumped on the bed as soon as they walked in. I’m sure I did.

After 10 minutes I felt rather guilty. We’re here against poverty, but we stay in this luxury hotel room, with stuff we don’t need. I don’t need a tv. I don’t need a shower AND a bath. I don’t mind sharing my room with a fellow YRAP’er. I feel guilty.

This makes me wonder. For the European Development Days, leaders and spokesmen from all over the world are coming to Brussels. Do they feel guilty when they stay in these hotels? Do they feel like hypocrites?