First impressions

Published: 20 June 2011

First day in Tanzania and all has been very intense. The visit to the EU Delegation has been like a return to Europe for a moment, but once we went outside we faced to Africa. The great surprise of the day has been that european and african journalists are not so different as we imagined and also that our daily routines at work are almost the same.The visit of different Tanzanian medias based in Dar es Salaam has taken us almost the whole day and I would like to point two important meetings.

1. Unexpectadly for us, one of the biggest media groups in the country has a woman as a Manager Director . Joyce Mhaville has been one of the first african women I have known and a model to follow for a lot of Tanzanian girls. I think she is aware of her powerfull role as a journalist here although gender inequality exists.

2. Listening to the Manager Director of The Guardian (from Tanzania) has been very worth it. His critical point of view on west relations with Africa has surprised us. I am sure I am going to think about that. The victimism treatement and the sad perspective of african informations in Europe is not the most appropiate. And I think we were already aware of this but we didnt hear it from an african ever before.


Joyce Mhaville, IPP Manager Director