Published: 21 June 2011

If we had a very busy day yesterday, I haven`t got word enough words to describe how was today. We have started the morning playing the vuvuzela at the EU Delegation (but I am not going to tell more details). We have finished the day eating indian food in Dar es Salaam in a quite african restaurant. Another two importants points to hihglight today:

1. The great welcome we had at the Journalism School of Dar es Salaam. Chatting with the african students has been a great experience for sharing impressions, and I think we have seen something of us reflected on them. They are proud to be journalism students and to become professional journalist in the future. They really think that journalism can change things and I think that this point of view has been gone from our journalism schools in our countries.


News Room, Hill Observer, University of Dar es Salaam


2. The meeting with some members of TAMWA (Tanzania Media Women`s Association). I think their work is simply great. They have been working for 20 years, fighting for their rights in the medias. But they also do an authentic social work. They are doing a lot of noisy in Tanzania, fighting against gender inequality in a lot of scopes (education, health..). They said: "We are the voice of the voiceless". I think that for us it has been a great expierence to see how they are fighting for something so simple for us, that have been grew up in Europe, that is called FREEDOM.