Funding local institutions is the key to success

Published: 07 December 2010

At a panel discussion about Aid effectiveness from local perspective discussion during European Development Days it was argued that local authorities in developing countries are key players internationally to combat extreme poverty in places where it most needed the most.

People in the audience were angry that the panel was consisting out of men, because this talk was gender biased. The question was raised “How should local governments be presented internationally in green paper where the expression of local government is not used at all. The speakers didn’t have a convincing answer to the question. Panel members argued that the money provided needs to be spent more on regions than on a national scale, but the fail to mention that applying for funding in those regions is extremely difficult. “People do not believe in European funding and state that only bigger cities get the funding as they have more people who do not always face so much extreme poverty as in rural areas” argued by a speaker from audience who comes from Nairobi. The answer to this was that African administration is weak and it is difficult for Europe to find out where the money is needed the most as this is the responsibility of African governments. Also it was mentioned by the audience, that applying it is difficult to mobilize masses of people to make change as there are either bad roads or no roads at all and therefore people have no chance to protest against the government who fail to meet their basic human rights needs.