If the prime minister of Palestine arrives in Brussels…

Published: 06 December 2010


The prime minister of Palestine is the prime minister of Palestine. A person that you would like to meet, to look into his eyes and to try to understand. He’s a witness of one of the worst pages of the history of the world and to listen to him is difficult: it’s just another way of remembering what it’s still happening on one side of the world, really far from our nice fair of development, really far from the nice Brussels, but so close to the eyes of that man. Salam Fayyad speaks from the stage in the main hall, where it has been the first ceremony to open the celebrations of these two days: every phrase is a statement, a political position that  we listen without really reflecting, but that it’s first of all a declaration at the diplomatic level. “No more settlements on our territory.”

Fayyad, on the stage, reveals a different story from the series of politicians that just passed the time say "thanks and welcome". He has something more to say and he speaks slowly and with determination, just remembering to us what is on his shoulders. Does he really have power? Can the European Union say something in the Middle East peace project? A meeting of one hour full of questions and without real answers. Fayyad has left the audience with a phrase, the wisest one that he could have said: “What is really important is not to organise meetings: we don’t need meeting anymore: we need a continuing process of negotiation, what is really important is what is happening between one meeting and another one.” Does Europe really want to play an active role in the Middle East peace process?     

  Martina Castigliani