Ignorance is just not right!

Published: 07 December 2010

Again, looking at the BBC and CNN website, we see that the target of promoting European Development Days hasn’t reached its goal to be at the top of media news. Even if 500 reporters have attended EDD, and was attended by high calibre speakers, development doesn’t sell. Even when switching on the TV in the hotel or checking the websites of BBC or CNN- there are no news regarding the EDD. What we see on the news are the topics what sell which are ussually connected to economy, international politics or domestic politics. What does the EU Commission need to do to make sure that development gets covered by those big media giants?

There is a consensus amongst the people in Europe that EDD needs to be promoted, but then if I think about my friends, they are not interested in issues like that. People want to read about famous people cheating on other rather than about people in extreme poverty. Does it mean that people are just ignorant? Do we need to change our mentality?

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