Letter to the YRAPers from the EJC

Published: 08 December 2010

Dear YRAP Finalists,

Overwhelmed as we are, we members of the YRAP Team, after these intense, unforgettable four days spent with you guys, keep on saying to each other how much the Young Reporters impressed us. Our expectations were more than met.

Forget cliches, youth is indeed contagious. We now find ourselves in a feverish state of expressing admiration for the seriousness and generosity that you all injected into our project. You displayed such high doses of energy and healthy curiosity!

You were wise enough to put yourselves in the "learning mood" and grab the opportunity to learn a bit about Europe and to make a serious incursion into the developing world right from the European Capital. This isn't the sexiest city, with its urban chaos and gloomy weather conditions. But you were able to open your minds and see beyond that. 

We saw that your critical but fair minds, with no big preconceptions, were receptive to both the beauty and the contradiction of Europe. Despite your youth, there was never any risk of brain washing by Euro propaganda. On the contrary, you were the ones often asking the difficult, touchy questions. 

You made us proud. So thank you so much for giving us these good feelings, for this sense of mission accomplished. 

What now? Well, we know there aren't many jobs around these days in the media industry. However, we suspect that your great journalistic, multimedia skills and strong motivation will drive many of you to our beloved newsrooms. We in the EJC agree with those of you who stated or implied on the platform that journalism can change the world. 

With you, dear YRAPers, it's for sure: there's fresh meat in the news block.