Old pictures told me the most

Published: 05 December 2010

We had an opportunity to visit Africa museum today, which is located outside the city. It's important to mention that, because before I begin I'd like to say a big complaint about public transport in Brussels. I think it was the third time when we were waiting the bus/tram/metro and it didn’t come. So we had to take a taxi, actually 4. So I think our journey to the museum costed too much.

But talking about the museum and what I saw there. First, I've noticed one strange thing. Some big museums in Europe prepare the texts for exhibitions only in their native language and it seems that there is no reason to write some information in English, the language mostly people can understand. The same story happened nn this museum. I was just watching different statues, pipes, clothes but I didin't find any information about that.

But despite that it was really interesthing to get know better really interesting culture. This culture it's so different from EU cultures. Sometimes it's hard to believe that tribes still live in Africa. One of the most interesting parts of exhibition was the stuff. For example, I’ve never seen huge fishing stuff. The boat, I've counted, is of 33 steps length. Or the part of Africa's nature. Animals, nature, the sounds of nature. When I was standing next to the lion or when I saw "stop-shot" from the real animals live when they kill each other, I've found it so realistic. It wasn't hard to imagine how it looks like in the real.

But the most important thing I've founded in this museum is the part of pictures exhibition. The old pictures which show the real life in Africa. I've  noticed that I didn’t see a picture where people were laughing or smiling. I saw how hard they work, I saw carrion body... These pictures really showed me how lucky I am that I was born in Lithuania and now I am EU citizen. I don't see these problems in my life, actually I rarely hear about that.

And the last thing I'd like to mention that I've noticed that Europe should help to African countries especially because many Africa’s countries belonged to European countries, we left them as the poorest countries in the world. Is there no our fault???

At the end I post you a link of the song I've listened in the museum:


P.S. We were lucky because when we came back we had an opportunity to use the public transport.