Stop with the charity, start talking about development

Published: 07 December 2010

European like to talk a lot. Rama Naidu, the Executive Director of the Democracy Development Programme in Durban, South Africa think that "talking between yourselves (Europeans) is quite incestuous. You need other points of view-of the people with real problems". And this is a "no" for the carying Europeans. It is true that we like to chat a lot, do fancy conferences and pity the developing countries, but we usuallt spend too much time thinking how to act that we get bored and stop trying. This is not a healthy attitudine to leave as legacy, but apparently this is how the rest of the world sees us.

Of course it is very important to have self-awareness and self-confidence, but too much can make us forget our goal, which is to help people in need.

The "yes" answer is about showing that humans are interrelated and this is no fiction. For instance, a school in Europe was keeping in touch with one in Africa and the Europeans helped the Africans by helping their school. And this is only one example, picked out randomly out of hundreds. It's a pity that we have the green light only at talking, not taking real action, but it's a first step and we should only try to speed up the process. 

So "yes", we can and we care, but "no", we don't want to continue with the plain talk. Theory is great, but practice is better. 

Personal conclusion: -1 for Europe