‘The human being must be on the centre of development policy,’ says Belgian Prime Minister

Published: 06 December 2010

“Reflect about the future”, said the Belgium’s Prime Minister Yves Leterme, the European Development Days (EDD’s) are based in “solidarity, innovation, sustainability”, said for instance the President of European Comission Durão Barroso. In the opening ceremony of the EDD’s, started with a wish from the PM: “Europe really wishes an economic strong Africa, that brings economic value”.

“The human being must be on the center of development”, he added. The prime minister underlined that Europe needs “to persist in cooperation”, because poverty is “more than a lack of income, it prevents people from their fundamental rights”.

Also Durão Barroso mentioned three important points: “solidarity, innovation (especially in budgets) and sustainability”. “We need to act. We need to close the gap between our indignation and results”, he mentioned, in order to achieve the Millenium Goals, which he believes that will be met. These goals are “the most challenging path for Europe”, Barroso said.  

“Our policies are based on partnership, it’s not dependency”, defended Jerzy  Buzek,  President of the European Parliament. “We must invest on our common future”, he added.