The MDGs in the role of a cheating husband

Published: 05 December 2010

The Millennium Development Goals & all the 192 UN member states were declared married in the year 2000 at the Millenium Summit.

The witnesses were most of the world leaders and their prenuptial contract was named the United Nations Millennium Declaration. The godfather was the one and only Jeffrey Sachs, who was escorted by his group of professionals.

The MGDs, as a good husband, promised to follow the declaration blindly, but somehow he went off-track a little bit. He and his wife, the UN member states, promised the poor countries 0,7% GDP of each part of their "body". When the wife lost all her money, due to financial crisis, the husband reacted.

The MDGs went to the poor countries, deceived them with promises and then went back to his wife. "Progress towards reaching the goals has been uneven", says our friend Wikipedia. Indeed, the MDGs not only went to the poor countries to cheat of his wife, telling them that he tries, but it's his wife's fault that he cannot be the man the poor countries want and need, but he also returned to his wife and renewed their vows.

The vows renewal took place in New York, in September 2010. They seem to get along very well now, even if the poor countries are still waiting for the MDGs to help them and the 192 UN member states are still in a predicament, financially speaking.

Stay tuned for more action in the MDGs, the 192 UN member states and the poor countrie trio! Be the promises be kept!