The pursuit of happiness through diamonds

Published: 04 December 2010

Ghana's problem as far as diamonds are concerned is that people get diamonds out if the contry in the second the extract the minerals from the ground. This not only affects the crops (they leave a mess behind), but also the economy, because no jobs are created, as the diamonds are processed elsewhere. Where? One answer could be China, but this is a different story.

The same way goes for gold, oil etc., because they are mismanaged and, this way, a continent is "banned" from thriving. How come? A lot of multinational companies benefit from the diamonds, gold and other minerals extracted from african soil, but Africa receives nothing.

Take Apple or Nokia or whatever company you want and they won't know where do the minerals from their components come from. But I think that by now we should have a clue about it and, in theory, the solution to this problem is like this .

So, there are solutions, we only need to grab them and see if they are valid or not, achievable or not.