The Young Reporters and their counterparts at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Published: 21 June 2011

It was a great opportunity to see around the journalism campus on the city outskirts of Dar es Salaam and to be welcomed by the Young Reporters African counterparts just one day prior to the 50 year anniversary celebrations of the Dar es Salaam University.

Introduced to the print/news room of the student newspaper “The Hill Observer” and the production and editing studios of the Mlimani (Swahili for hill) television and radio channels, the group were shown round the campus by both the outgoing and incoming Presidents of the Dar es Salaam University Students Organisation, its prime minister and one or two others. Although the facilities might be less extravagant than some found European journalism schools, the equipment and software was exactly the same as was the energy and thirst for knowledge displayed by the students.

We were also warmly welcomed by the Dean of the journalism school when she joined us for an informal discussion on the current state of Tanzanian media and the problems faced by young journalists of the future.

The Young Reporters will be able to continue discussions with the heads of the student body at dinner on Thursday evening and I reckon that this will be something to look forward to…

The "Hill Observer" News room


The "Mlimani" Radio studio


Chiara going " undercover" in one of the journalism lectures

Chiara going

ALL the young reporters together

ALL the young reporters together