Was that Dutch?

Published: 06 December 2010

The EDD opening ceremony started with the welcoming by some profound people of the European and political world. Two of those people were the prime minister of Belgium, Yves Leterme and his Royal Highness Prince Phillip.

During the speeches, both men showed their best multilingual side. They started off with English and ended with French – understandable for most of the YRAP’ers – but they also spoke in an other language I guess very few understood. A fellow YRAP’er saw me writing like a maniac and asked me if it was Dutch. Yep, that was Dutch.

For those who couldn’t get their hands on translation headphones, is this a grasp of what they said.

‘Europe wants a strong Africa’ - Yves Leterme

‘Congratulations to the countries who obtained the development aid and stayed strong despite the financial crisis. The African leaders are frightened that because of the financial and economic crisis, we’ll invest less in development. But Europe wants a strong Africa. It wants an Africa that adds some value.

Basic conditions for economic growth, is a universal demand for every country in the world. A lot of companies these days are frightened and hesitate to take action. They wait until the conditions look less risky. This is wrong. They have the power to create a better business environment. The companies that do invest in poor regions, affect local communities. Luckily, there’s still a will to invest.’

‘We’re not perfect’ - Prince Phillip

‘It’s not enough to show social prosperity. Humanity isn’t perfect. They have to use all facilities and for the moment, the potential of the people isn’t showed at its best .

Diversity gets everybody involved. It’s important to know your culture and traditions and you should know your roots. A good initiative that embraces cultures is the African museum in Tervuren, which favourites African cultures.
Diversity is needed for every human being. Cultures are important for the self-development of humanity and not the other way around.’