We want back all our land.

Published: 07 December 2010

“All the things up to the sky are ours. The State decided that some forests are a property of the government and we don’t understand why. We want the land back. All.”

This touching quote ended the meeting of the second day of the European Development Days, dedicated to REDD, “reducing emissions from deforestation program”. WWF with CARE international have been encharged to organized the meeting, that analyzedimportant problems of the development programs in Africa facing the deforestation issue. Is this a tool for development or for environment only? The two hours of discussion shown how many persons are involved in the deforestation problem: 1,2 billions of people live inside the forests of the world and this is why, speaking about how to deal with it, we cannot forget the human rights point. The discussion was really fruitfull also thanks to the speech of real witnesses from the territories: Laurent Nsenga Ndjike coming from Congo explained how their farmers doubled the revenues and Ester Asin moved the focus on Tanzania and Ghana and on the importance of collaboration with the local governments. 

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