When impossible becomes possible

Published: 06 December 2010

I would never imagine to get insider information from somebody at the European Development Days, but this happened and I will use it to make my case.

After Lorenzo Natali award ceremony I have met up with a former journalist who was reporting on development issues in Brussels for 3 years who also was from Latvia. I have bumped into him by mistake meeting a Latvian participant from Deutsche Welle Akademie, who introduced and ssaid that that journalist might be of a high priority for my report. I cannot disclose their names as this might bring them into trouble, which makes this story even more exciting. The reason, the person has shared the information with me, is that he saw a potential for making this “big” as his wasn’t in any capacity to be able to publicise such information and therefore using me as his front man, felt for me an honour. This information is crucial for my interview tomorrow with Andris Piebalgs, the Commissioner for Development, as I believe this will be a really uncomfortable interview for him. To get an interview with the commissioner is very difficult as his spokesperson Catherine Ray, told about our press conference on Sunday 5th December, where I was asking very uncomfortable questions due to the fact I was born in the same country as the commissioner for development.

I feel luck has turned my way. Attending the events on European Development Days (EDD) didn’t bring me any closer to write a report, but I feel that EDD is not where a good story sometimes comes, at least not from the speeches. I believe knowing the right is the key to success as they bring you closer to the information you need.

At the moment the only thing is to find the right questions, which will hit him hard! I do not want him to deny my information and walk of the scene. I want that the public knows the truth about development!