Young Reporters attend prize ceremony

Published: 07 December 2010


Last night the young reporters attended the glittering awards ceremony of the Lorenzo Natali journalism prize.

The event celebrates excellence investigative journalism in developing world countries. Nominated journalists had written on everything from child slavery to women's rights.


In the African category, first prize winner Kipchumba Some (Kenya) wrote about police executions, and heroically published the names and details of officers involved in a case. When he received the prize he said: "The bleeding of the heart of the mother is no longer a Kenyan issue. It is an international issue".


Although the grand prize is worth 5000 euros, receiving an award is more of an honour in name.


Dr Lesley Anne Knight, EU Ambassador of the year, presented the Europe prize, which was won by Frederic Delepierre (France) for his report on Bhopal in India. She said: "the role of radio is wonderful and crucial to awareness raising".


Two special prizes were also awarded, to Paul Doyle and Ed Butler from the BBC World Service in radio, and Yuk Kuen Wong from China in radio. She thanked parents who risked their lives to take part in her documentary on child abduction, and prayed that "the children may come home safe".


Overall prize winner was Yader Francisco Luna Garcia (Nicaragua) with his report 'Palabra de Mujer' (Women's words). He was overcome with emotion as he expressed that is was the first prize he had ever won.


The night was incredibly inspirational for me as a young journalist. All of these journalists are both brave and dedicated, and have certainly reinforced my passion for the career I am pursuing, and my desire to report from the developing world.