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The results are in!!!

14 January 2011

The YRAP jury of media professionals and academics got together on Tuesday 11th January and after a number of hours of deliberation, selected the three YRAP winners as follows:

Best Written article: Katie Davies (UK)
"Fantastic headline. Caught readers' attention. Excellent presentation of a problem unknown by many of us. Good mix of quotes and facts.  Publishable."
Best Radio broadcast: Alba Malaga Homs (Spain)
"Great story-telling and beautiful language. Well researched. Well-edited with a good choice of background music. Technically professional."
Most Original reporting: Chiara Zappalà (Italy)
"Original story and very neutrally told. Aware of the role of a professional reporter. Excellent facts and research."
Many congratulations to all three of you. You will be contacted directly by the European Commission with further information about the press trip to Tanzania.
A big thanks to the members of the jury and of course to all the YRAP finalists who came to Brussels in December.

Final YRAP jury will convene 11 January

07 January 2011

The final jury of media professionals that will select the three YRAP winners will convene on 11 January.  The winners will be announced later in the week and receive a press visit to Africa.

The jury of media professionals includes:
- Maria-Laura Franciosi (Italy), freelance journalist and President of Journalists at Your Service (J@YS)
Jury members:
- George Terzis (Greece), Associate Professor (journalism) at Vesalius University, Brussels
- Paul Ames (U.K.), freelance Brussels-based journalist and YRAP trainer
- Cécile Veyrie (France), BFM TV and Radio correspondent in Brussels and YRAP trainer
- Teresa Küchler (Sweden), Svenska Dagbladet correspondent in Brussels
- Mihaela Gherghisan (Romania), Radio France International (Romanian Language) correspondent in Brussels
- Michael Stebow (Germany), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung correspondent in Brussels

Final articles/broadcasts due 14 December

09 December 2010

Attention young reporters:

As a reminder, your final article/radio broadcast is due 14 December.  Please email it to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Thanks and good luck!

Letter to the YRAPers from the EJC, by Alexandra Lobão

08 December 2010

Dear YRAP Finalists,

Overwhelmed as we are, we members of the YRAP Team, after these intense, unforgettable four days spent with you guys, keep on saying to each other how much the Young Reporters impressed us. Our expectations were more than met.

Forget cliches, youth is indeed contagious. We now find ourselves in a feverish state of expressing admiration for the seriousness and generosity that you all injected into our project. You displayed such high doses of energy and healthy curiosity!

You were wise enough to put yourselves in the "learning mood" and grab the opportunity to learn a bit about Europe and to make a serious incursion into the developing world right from the European Capital. This isn't the sexiest city, with its urban chaos and gloomy weather conditions. But you were able to open your minds and see beyond that. 

We realise that your critical but fair minds, with no big preconceptions, were receptive to both the beauty and the contradiction of Europe. Despite your youth, there was never any risk of you being brain washed by Euro propaganda. On the contrary, you were the ones often asking the difficult, touchy questions. 

You made us proud. So thank you so much for giving us these good feelings. This sense of mission accomplished. 

What now? Well, we know there aren`t many jobs around these days in the media industry. However, we suspect that your great journalistic, multimedia skills and strong motivation will drive many of you to our beloved newsrooms. We, in EJC, agree with those of you who stated or implied on the platform that journalism can change the world. 

With you, dear YRAPers, it's for sure: there`s fresh meat in the news block.

Contribute to the EU’s consultation on development aid

07 December 2010

Here’s a last challenge for the Young Reporters: join the online public consultation on EU Aid and encourage others to do so. Make a difference!

     - from Alexandra Lobao

So the European Development Days were all about EU aid helping provide a decent living for all in and outside Europe and about how EU citizens are still committed to support the poorest countries.

According to this year’s special survey (Eurobarometer) on EU aid, 89% of Europeans attach a high value to development cooperation, with 45% finding it “very important” and 44% “fairly important”.

Despite the economic and financial crisis, three-quarters (76%) of EU citizens believe there is added value in EU countries working together on helping developing countries. Half of the poll respondents think aid should be increased in line with the target set by the EU (0, 7% of its Gross National Income by 2015).

However, EU citizens expect concrete results and hope EU assistance has a high impact on the ground.

In order to launch a public debate on how best to adapt EU development policy to the needs of developing countries, different approaches will have to be followed. Last month the European Commission proposed a Green Paper (EU jargon for a discussion paper) where it raised questions around four common objectives to be pursued together by the EU and the Member States.  

To read the whole text of the Green Paper and participate in the consultation visit the website.

In 2009, the European Union and its 27 Member States gave a total of 49 billion euros in development aid. The external aid managed by the EU’s executive body (European Commission) amounted to 12 billion euros.

Article 208 of the Lisbon Treaty states: “The Union’s development cooperation policy shall have as its primary objective the reduction and, in the long term, the eradication of poverty”.

Gareth Harding is available in the press room

07 December 2010

If you have any questions for Gareth Harding, he is currently in the press room.  

Meet in the press room after the closing ceremony

07 December 2010

Attention YRAP:

Please come to the press room after the closing ceremony and we will go together to the YRAP farewell cocktail.  

Cecile Veyrie is now in the Media Lounge

07 December 2010

Cecile Veyrie, the radio journalist who shared tips and advice with the young reporters on Saturday, is currently in the Media Lounge.  She is available to answer any questions and offer assistance. 

Aung San Suu Kyi will give video message at the closing ceremony

07 December 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi will give a video message at the EDD closing ceremony.  The closing ceremony is scheduled for 17:15 in Gold Hall.

Andris Piebalgs to tour Development Village

06 December 2010

Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development, will tour the Development Village around 16:00 - 16:30. Though there will not be an opportunity to speak with the Commissioner, it will be a good time to take photos.

Green Paper on Development

06 December 2010

Many of the speakers, including Catherine Ray and those at the opening ceremony, mentioned the Green Paper on Development.  Here is more information about the paper, including a link to the entire text.

iPad is for quality

06 December 2010

Just a reminder: The iPad award is not for the reporter who simply posts the most on the website.  It is for the reporter who contributes the best all-around journalism. Quality is key! 

Paul Ames is in the Media Lounge

06 December 2010

Paul Ames, one of the journalists who shared tips on Saturday, is now in the EDD Media Lounge to meet with and assist the young reporters.  He will be there from 12:00-14:00.

Gareth Harding will also be available in the Media Lounge from 13:00-15:00. 

Meet at 5:30 in the Press Centre

06 December 2010

Attention Young Reporters:

We will all meet this evening at 5:30 in the Press Centre and then go together to the ceremony for the Lorenzo Natali Journalism Prize.

One young reporter will win an iPad

05 December 2010

Valentina Bonaccorso, head of Brussels operations for the European Journalism Centre, announced to the YRAP finalists on Saturday that one of them will leave Brussels with an iPad. The iPad will be awarded to one student who stands out among the rest for his or her outstanding journalism work at the European Development Days.

The YRAP media platform is now live!

26 November 2010

The new YRAP media platform is now live!

The 33 YRAP finalists arrive in Brussels this Friday, 3 December. Saturday they will attend a seminar about European external development aid and receive training from journalists on how to cover a big event like the European Development Days (EDD). By Sunday they will be ready to begin their live coverage of the EDD.

Visit this site regularly for the young reporters' live multi-media coverage of the EDD.