MEET: Camilla Høj Eggers

Application article:

EU uddeler motorcykler til dyrlæger i Mongoliet

English summary: The nation that in past history was the largest empire has now been the target of four EU development aid projects. In one of the projects, 17 motorcycles brought vital solutions to a distant region. A journey through the massive rural landscapes of Mongolia, with the Gobi Desert and the steppes, takes one back to a primitive life that is lived in the embrace of nature. Life in the distant regions of the large country is rough. And before the EU project began, veterinarians could not reach the herders and their livestock. Now, the untraditional development project has contributed to a better situation for herders and vets in the Arkhangai province. Seventeen motorcycles were given to vets in the province so they can reach a much larger area. Not only are more livestock now receiving vaccinations, but the project also helps spread knowledge on how to best prevent diseases. Moreover, the project has inspired herders to create a union that has become the political defender of the herders’ interests.