MEET: Aleksandra Gostepska

Application article:

Unia Europejska na Rzecz Rozwoju – „POMOC”

English summary: The European Union, based on the principle of solidarity, is a group of developed countries interested in the sustainable development of the future of mankind. The EU is a global leader in providing financial support to poor countries, spending €7 billion every year on aid outside of its borders. Moreover, its development policy seeks to enable citizens of developing countries victimized by the lack of access to drinking water, food, basic education, health care or employment to self-combat the causes of their poverty. This policy also aims to prevent the spread of HIV, reduce debt, strengthen democracy and ensure compliance with human rights. Strong emphasis is put on research and development to benefit the economic growth and create new workplaces. Modern technologies provided by the European Union also help in dealing with poverty, poor health and environmental degradation.