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Rozvojová pomoc EU

English summary: The contrast between the big Berlaymont building of the European Commision in Brussels and the streets of Kabul is huge. But not only is there a difference between Brussels and Kabul, but also within Kabul - between the offices of the humanitarian organizations and the lifestyles of their employees as compared to the Afghan people they are trying to help. Even the Czech journalist, war correspondent and founder of the humanitarian organization Berkat, Petra Procházková, states that many humanitarian organizations have huge immoral consumption themselves. When one says that the world has helped Afghanistan with four and a half billion dollars, one should also add that much of this amount has been the costs of our stay there, she says. So how much money assigned to the Millennium Development Goals will really flow to the targeted people? Shouldn’t the salaries and expenses of the humanitarian organizations be somehow regulated, so that European aid is really a mission and not a business?