MEET: Vladimir Kamenski

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EU assisting African education

Europeans have the opportunity to study and gain knowledge, which grants both security and development. Unfortunately, most African children do not have such an opportunity. As a result, the continent lacks people who can fight for the development of their homeland. The European Union has stepped in front to change this situation. In September 2010 the EU gave 120 million euros to improve South African schools. The president of South Africa said that he is pleased to see that education has become such a priority. Financial aid is not the only assistance from the EU. The student exchange program Erasmus Mundus offers African students the opportunity to obtain an education in the leading universities of Europe. Karen Basie is a student from Kenya who was able to study in Hungary, Greece and Sweden and is now back home developing his country. The future of Africa lies on the shoulders of today`s students. But they will need help from the EU and the rest of the world.