MEET: Lucy Laycock

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Sexual violence affects millions of women

English summary: Violence against women remains one of the greatest social issues in the developing world and all too often has been obscured from public discussion due to its taboo nature. However, it is a topic that needs to be discussed due to its profound impact upon development as women struggle to achieve their potential. Violence takes numerous forms and poses a cultural challenge because of its complex interrelation with tradition and custom. However, there is now hope for victims as greater emphasis is being placed on rehabilitation, both for those who have been affected and for offenders. The EU has been, and continues to be involved with projects directly targeting violence against women. Committed to the UN MDGs, violence at all levels has been targeted. This article explores some of the projects which the EU has funded and the profound changes which are occurring as a result. These range from projects working with rape victims and re-educating offenders, to groups helping women speak out against trafficking. Violence against women will no longer continue to be unspoken as the EU's assistance helps women overcome one of the greatest challenges to development today.