MEET: Matej Rodela

Application broadcast:

Slovenian aid for the former Yugoslavia

This radio broadcast discusses development aid to countries of the west Balkan Peninsula, especially aid coming from Slovenia. Though one of the newest countries in the European Union, Slovenia is already active in assisting developing countries. It currently gives 0.15% of its gross national income for development aid and plans to raise that number to 0.33% by 2015. Slovenia is building a development programme with countries such as Montenegro and Macedonia; with other countries from this region Slovenia is collaborating on development projects. One of the countries in which Slovenia intends to be especially present is Bosnia and Herzegovina. The devastation caused by war and ethnic conflicts in the 1990s is still felt today. One of the development projects, Give a Smile, helps children from poor regions of the country travel to the Slovenian coast to visit the sea for the first time in their lives. They also participate in numerous workshops, swimming courses and human rights classes. The project is managed by Zavod Krog, an organization founded by the Slovenian government.