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Sestry sú milé, keď sú okolo bieli lekári

English summary: The Hospital of Saint Charles Lwanga in Buikwe is a development project established and mostly financed through a Czech and Slovak partnership. In fact, the multicultural project unites Ugandans with employees from all around the world. Though the multiculturalism can cause problems when working, on the other hand, it also offers an opportunity for both sides to learn new, different aspects of life. “In Slovakia we are used to rushing all the time. In Africa, people value time,” says Jozef Šuvada, former director of the hospital. The hospital, built in 2006, is now adding an HIV clinic to help the more than one thousand HIV positive patients in the district who suffer from severe stigmatization. Fred, a cleaner in the hospital, also serves as a counsellor for HIV positive couples. His own daughter nearly died of malaria but was cured at the Hospital of Saint Charles Lwanga. Since then, the former fisherman has devoted himself to helping other patients in the hospital.