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Het behalen van de Millenniumdoelen is wishful thinking

English summary: Do Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) realise what has to be done to keep their promise of achieving the eight Millennium Goals (MDGs) by 2015? Although many efforts have been made in achieving the MDGs, there are still 1.4 billion people living in extreme poverty. Recently, the European Parliament agreed on a resolution which calls on the European member states and the European Commission to reaffirm their pledge to reach the MDGs within five years. However, it seems to be wishful thinking, since there is a gap between well-publicised policy commitments and the practices of the member states and the European Commission. Several Dutch MEPs argue that there is a lack of political will. There is no coherence between the MDGs and other policies, such as trade and agriculture. Other MEPs do not agree and argue that it is not possible to do more in order to achieve the MDGs, since the financial crisis and adaptive policies are given priority. Furthermore, the European Parliament is limited in power and cannot force member states to keep their promises. Although some MEPs are quite positive, others argue that in the end it’s all wishful thinking.